GloFX Glasses can give you the ultimate party, rave, concert or festival experience. The moment you put on these glasses, a light show occurs in front of your eyes that takes you to a whole other dimension. Imagine listening to music while seeing a prism of different colored lights changing in front of your eyes in a kaleidoscope-like fashion. These special-effects glasses make for a great temporary escape from reality.

Since 2009, the company that makes these so-called diffraction glasses, has been offering LED and Glow products including glow sticks, lasers and LED gloves. Located in Tallahassee, Florida, the glasses are available to clients big and small and retail and wholesale prices are available.


When you put on GloFX glasses, the diffracting lenses will absorb any light that's in the room and change it into multiple bursts of colorful lights. The lights will start dancing and change in front of your eyes for an always fascinating experience that mimics fireworks. There's no need to take mind-altering drugs to have the ultimate rave party, you can just put on the glasses and have a psychedelic experience that you'll never forget. Just allow your senses, the lights and the music to take over. Unlike mind-altering drugs, you can just take off the glasses to return to reality.

Fashion-conscience partygoers will be happy to know that party glasses are fully customizable. Just go to, and enter the type or lens, and the color of frame and arms you desire. If you choose a pair of glasses that includes a battery pack, you also get to decide the color of the wire, and the type of inverter. The latter determines how the light show changes in front of your eyes. You can set it to change automatically, or you can set it to change to the beat of the music.

On the website you can also view the various styles of diffraction glasses you can choose from. You'll find ultra-cool flip-up glasses, the popular wayfarer diffraction glasses, anaglyph and kaleidoscope glasses, and the luminescence series. If you're throwing a parting, be the ultimate host and provide your guests with a pair of cardboard diffraction glasses. If you want to surprise your child, consider purchasing a pair of the diffraction glasses for kids. The many different types of special-effects glasses come in a wide variety of prices, so you can even get a pair if you're on a tight budget.